Sunday, May 2, 2010


Our time together stands still in my heart... and yet moves just as it should. The darkest clouds have moved out and big spots of your life have moved in. Memories can jumble together so different for each of us.. Gentle feelings of you in my arms resting against my chest. The sweet sent of baby skin near my nose. We melted together in a tale of life and love. Giving of each other what we are.. mother and son. Just but brief moments captured in my mind. All the hours where we nestled in while trying to be brave. Knowing that hope couldn't save you. Hoping for you anyway. The best moment as a mother I have ever known... your first and last breath on my cheek. The most tender hello and goodbye.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Beautiful. You are just beautiful. You gave me the greatest gift I can ever know... you.... Loves strongest bond..... mom.


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful! *hugs*

Lisette said...

That is a beautiful post, ((HUGS))

elena said...


love and prayers