Saturday, May 1, 2010

PJ the Dog Boy

Ok... So PJ I've talked about before.. one of my DOGS. He is the big male weighs about 85 lbs.... today he had surgery. I was worried about when I scheduled the appointment.. I was even more worried about it when I took him for pre-op blood work. I was a BASKET case this morning thinking that he might die... Because somehow I can manifest a dog having 2 teeth pulled under general anesthesia into... Everything I've deeply loved like a child or my CHILD dies.. now only this group or my friends can understand how I could even make that connection. Because I know how silly that sounds but.. I tell you I felt so sad today while he was not in my care. That someone else was looking after my little guy (my dog.. but he is so much more than that to me) So.. I cried. and then my husband whom I though would laugh at me for crying... said. I know how you feel and this time he will be ok. It did make me feel better that my feelings were validated and when the phone rang.. I Jumped up to get the news.. Not wanting to hear the news I made Paul answer.. he gave me a huge thumbs up and I sobbed.. He made it. My little guy (well big but ) he made it..... He is home safe... His tongue now hangs out the side of his mouth. I love this dog.. So very much . He is a gentle, funny, smart, tough, lover boy that I am thankful is in my life. It is that unconditional love... only a dog could know.

Joseph can you hear mommy? I love you so much.. and I know that PJ loves you too. I think you would have been best best buddies... I miss you. Until forever.. Mommy.


Jill said...

So happy PJ is home and safe!! Nothing you wrote sounds silly. I totally get it. xx

lis said...

dude, my dog will always be my first baby! always! im so glad your little PJ is the pics <3

lis said...

tell me, do you have a random undecorated christmas tree in your house despite it being may too???

or was that pic just taken in december? lol

tdenicola1 said...

I hear u loud and clear with regards to your fur baby! Not least bit silly. In fact very normal to me. My fur child warms my soul like no other four-legged critter can. So happy to hear PJ did so great!