Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

It hurts more than I expected.. and yet in a totally unexpected way.. beautiful. Today I know what it feels like to join in the millions of millions of other women who are celebrating what it feels like to be a mother. And now I know what we all want.. to mother.. to be loved.. to be accepted.. to enjoy each other. To parent.. to really show up for your child and allow them to be all that they are. The most selfless act in this world spoken so softly... Mom. And my heart just melts with being able to know... to know.. and finally to have. This wonderful experience of being mothered... and being a mother... and loving a mom.. and being present in today and all that there is. Life.. living and the precious gift we have.. our hearts. Give it openly.. honestly and there will be no greater love.

Joseph can you hear mommy? My son who made me a mother.. I am so proud of you. And on this day you should know how very very loved you are. My heart forever yours... mom.


Elizabeth said...

Happy Mother's day Brandy. God bless. *hugs*

Jill said...

Such a sweet post! xo

Lisette said...

I am glad you were able to have a peaceful day. You are indeed a mother and a wonderful mom one at that. You are an amazing person. Joseph must be so proud of you. This post made me feel warm, so sweet.

Ashley said...

You are a mother to more than have a "mother heart." You mothered me through my whole process...always putting your own struggles on the back burner while you were helping, and that, is such a mother thing to do.

elena said...

Sorry this is late, but Happy Mother's Day. Joseph is very lucky to have a mother like you. You have such a beautiful heart!

love and prayers