Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kate Hope

Heaven has a new angel... her name is Kate Hope. Kate passed away in very early hours of the the arms of her mother and father on May 4th. She was loved every second of her short life. She was born with a heart defect that was known and her parents had prepared for surgery... she was diagnosed with no esophagus or tracea later that could not be repaired. She IS beautiful. Her parents are acquaintances of mine.. I do not know them well but expect now that I might get to know them better. Mom teaches at the same gym I do... She was also helpful to me when Joseph passed and gave me a really lovely gift that I keep at my desk at work.. One that I use each day. The gift she gave was a sentsy warmer and smelly things to put in it. Anyway.. when you turn on the light... the warmer shines beams of light in the shape of a butterfly and small circles that reflect directly out... When I got the news today of baby Kate's passing I was at work and the light shined a little brighter as if to warm our souls. My heart hurts for the sorrow she will feel in the days to come. My eyes red with tears for the pain I know she will have to endure. The beam of light shining a beacon of peace for all the babies gone to soon. As another mom joins our terrible club.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Please hold Kate's hand and show her how beautiful it is in heaven. I love you my son and am so proud of you and all that you are. Mommy.


lis said...

my thoughts are with them and their family as they start down this windy and mostly dark path.

how lucky she is to have you to lean on and understand. i cant believe we both had friends this happened to right after us...i still feel wrong completely comparing my pain to yours, but its close, im sure.


Jen said...

:*( I really hate to hear that.. lifting her family up in prayer this evening..

Lisette said...

Gosh, this just breaks my heart. I will her Kate and her family in my prayers. ((HUGS)) to you!

elena said...

Thank you for posting about Kate's family, I will hold them in my thoughts and prayers.