Sunday, May 30, 2010


When we went to the "big boy place" last night.. it was filled with flags... in commemeration of the memorial day. I was in awe of how many of Josephs "neighbors" were veterins. It is impress and sad to see all the lives lost. It was more tender to see each little flag delivered by hand and hung on each grave or bench for all of us to see so vividly those who served and gave lives for us. We took our own little flag for Joseph. I wrote a message to him on the handle and we placed in the little flower holder that is next to the marker.. Flipping in the wing our songs of freedom. I touched his foot and thought of the paths that have been crossed becuase of him. If the friendships and bonds of this space all posed because of him.. Flags for our thoughts to rise in hearing... Flags for our friends and babies in heaven with ours.

Joseph can you hear mommy? So proud as I was with you and even more now as I stand with you in my heart only. Love so sweet... mommy

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lis said...

thinking of you and your beautiful Joseph. he is with you always. i always love clicking over to your page and seeing his lovely peaceful face.