Thursday, May 13, 2010


Isn't it true that there is always a catch? I feel like I'm on this verge...A straight path toward something. I can't tell what it is yet.. I can't express the feeling I've had over me these last few weeks. I'm not running from it but for some reason I can't see it yet. Something good is about to happen I know it. Something wonderful... I feel it. Wouldn't it be lovely to wake up pregnant? To have a pregnancy where there are no complications no distractions and no reason to worry... or wonder. A place with no baby loss, infertility and pain? Ah yes.. the catch. I see... I've already had the part that isn't good... SO..Something wonderful is coming and I am on the verge of it.. I've already had the catch and this something is going to be my reward.. Deep strength is building and ready to emerge from me. Deep hope has bubbled right to the surface. I'm bursting with anticipation for what is coming.... It is about to be beautiful.

Joseph can you hear mommy? I feel you my son gaining in your heaven. I see you growing there and leaning over that cloud. Hands under chin.. Cheeks puffy with smiles. Your gifts are reaching in places I've never known. I love you sweet little Joe.. Mommy

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lis said...

i just know you are on the verge of a whole beautiful life, along with your beautiful angel, Joseph.

he really is a gorgeous baby, B.