Tuesday, May 4, 2010


There is a calm I can't explain... no longer in such turmoil in my mind and body. I feel free. I feel able and I feel acceptance in the path that I've been given. Often my posts may seem sad but know that they are not.. they are from a place of deep calm. I am stronger now.. I am prouder now and I feel more of every single emotion possible.. I easily smile still and have a sense joy in almost everything that I do. It is coming... don't know what yet.. but building in my mind are all of these wonderful things that I am either meant to do or be.. Showing itself in tiny little pieces... We shall see.. but yet still calm.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Hi sweet love.. the littlest Jean taking such care from up above. I miss you dearly my baby.. All my love.. mommy


Elizabeth said...

I am glad for your calm. It's so important to feel the calm after the storm. God Bless you. *hugs*

Once A Mother said...

those moments of calm are such a blessing. thinking of you and your sweet little Joseph. xx

lis said...

conflicts of emotions all around, huh.

i copy.

right there with you.


elena said...

awesome! I love that you end each post with a note to Joseph. He hears you! *hug*

love and prayers