Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It has been six months. Six since I held my baby in my arms. Time is just moving forward. So many good things have happened in these six months and yet all for a reason that is unthinkable. It happened and we are learning and growing and finding our way. He is teaching and growing in heaven too. I am amazed by my son... and my husbands strength. My two men are are really here for me. One in the spirit and one by the hand. Yes.. I miss my baby but.. oh I still got a life I'm living.... more of it better, wiser and stronger. Full of the blessing I had of his life and whatever else is to come.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Happy 6 month birthday baby... I love you until always and miss you until forever. not a moment goes by without you on my mind. In my heart beating ..... yours with mine.. and daddy... Love mom.


Elizabeth said...


Salma said...

Happy 6th month baby Joseph.
Big hugs my dear Brandy.

lis said...

oh sweetie i was thinking this today for myself. 6 months. half a year. sooo long and so short at the same time. im so glad i got to know you and learn joseph's story from you. i'll never forget your beautiful boy. he has touched my heart.

love you


KristenSchopp said...

Happy 1/2 birthday sweet baby Joe!

Lisette said...

One day late but Happy 6 month Joseph in heaven. Thinking of you April, ((HUGS)).