Thursday, April 15, 2010

Said the Child

There was a little boy in the park by my house that I walk the dogs in almost every day... he was about 3 and his grand mommy was pushing him on the swing...
STOP Said the child to me.... and we all stopped. The boy said to me with his dark hair and blue eyes....

Child: I like your dogs
Me: Thank you they like you to would you like to pet them?
Child: No.. I'm swinging want to see me go up high?
Me: Yes lets see you
Child: My grand mommy told me that I can swing so high that I can touch heaven
Me: Yes... I bet you can
Child: but I'm too little to go there
Me: Yes... yes you are
Child: I bet you can reach heaven because you are bigger
Me: Yes.. I wish I could
Child: Bye doggies

And I wept the rest of the way home thinking.. if only.. if only I could swing to heaven.

Joseph can you hear mommy? I wish I could reach you... but I know I do from here. I feel you my baby and I get your messages. I love you my son... My big boy.. All of my love...mommy.


lis said...

oh my

me too


Salma said...

Lis just took the words out of my mouth.
That's so jaw just dropped.
Joseph is with you wherever you go. I think about my little baby's spirit following me around every single day.

Jen said...

*sigh* if only it were that easy.. :(


KristenSchopp said...

if only...

Love to you -

Kat said...

:( Oh, what I would do for a heaven sized hug from my Daddy... I can only imagine how much you would love you hold your big boy's little hand again! Thank goodness, Joesph reaches down to you so often!