Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Race

Here they are.... my warriors of hope. The Love for Joseph Team (missing 2 people still in this picture) They are out there doing something so good.... for Joseph.. for babies. I am humbled by them and I am thankful for them... I am amazed by them and I am so grateful for them. THIS is what it is all about.. THIS is how I know Joseph will live on in others forever. From Arizona all the way to our Nations Capitol... There he goes. What a perfect day.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Can you see them running for you.. for hope.. for love and for other babies? I know you can. Watch over them. Love them too as they are doing this for you. You are Amazing my son.. I love you until forever... mommy.

1 comment:

lis said...

awesome! go team LOVE FOR JOSEPH!

what a gorgeous little man he was