Thursday, April 1, 2010

Missing Him

Sometimes all the strength... joy and hope that surrounds me can't stop me from missing him. With every ounce that I am.. I ache for him. My arms still empty I wonder about him. How big would he be now. Would those chubby cheeks be more round.... I can't help myself sometimes. My sweet little baby who had my eyes... Those tiny little hands wrapped around my finger. My moments with him memorized. I am not so overwhelmingly sad when I miss him. It is an empty ache.. I just know that there is a place not filled in my being. Who I am because of him so different. I simply miss my son.

Joseph can you hear mommy? You are beautiful my boy... little Joe Jean... I can feel the weight of you on my chest as you comfort me in ways I didn't know possible. I still miss you so much my little one... my own. I love you, mommy.