Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Driving home on the highway (stop in go traffic) the wind was blowing so hard that if I kept the window down a crack I would be blown into the next lane. While stopped for a small bit in the most congested area... a ladybug landed on my windshield. He had 3 spots on each wing and crawled all the way from one side to the other.... As I started to gain speed and the wind picked up again I figured this little ladybug would leave... nope. He hung on for dear life as we climbed to 65mph... stayed put on top of the wiper blade. I thought the little bug may have bit the dust and just got stuck so I continued home... Arriving in I decided to check on my new friend after parking the car... He was alive and crawled up my finger to the tip... opened his wings and flew. It was almost as if to remind me... Anything is possible. Lucky little lady bug.. I named him Lou.

Joseph can you hear mommy? You always surprise me with your awareness and gifts. I feel you my little one deep inside and all around. You are with me my boy and I love you and miss you and love you some more... Thanks for Lou. Mom.

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