Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am still amazed each day at the love and support we received after Joseph died. I have good people in my life still honoring him and loving him and talking about him. We still get posts to his FB page and I check each day like looking at email to see who's stopped by to say hello to him. So many more people have newly come into my life and have started lifting me out of the darkness further still. Two of these people have been given a great gift.. to heal. I go to acupuncture and I've talked about it before but, I just need to say it again. It is amazing stuff and it gets the grief out. It opens my heart and allows me to feel true happiness. When the Dr. performs acupuncture in my lung points... I can feel the sadness moving out and away. At times when I am there it feels almost gone. What a great gift to give a grieving mother but peace. Then there is my friend... who's gifts have come in a different form in that of massage. Healing my body by soothing the pain. The gift of Touch. I think often we forget how much we need to be touched and held. She has the ability to work out the pains and sooth the hot spots so that I can feel rested. Healers don't come often. There are a lot of people out there who would like to be or think they are.. But, I know better. Huge helpers those who have and own and then share this gift. I am always amazed at how Peaceful and Rested I am after each treatment.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Good morning my son.. my little wee baby. I'm kissing you and holding you so close from here. I miss you my baby. mom.

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Elizabeth said...

Im glad you have good people in your life to help you through it all. *hugs*