Friday, March 5, 2010

A different kind of parent

All of us... who have our empty arms are a different kind of parent. We parent our thoughts about our children on these blogs. We care for a nurture our grave sites or urns. We look for sings and try to make sense of them when they arrive. We are parents just of a different kind. Mothers and fathers to babies not on earth. It is so different to raise a child who is already lifted so high. None the less we do it. In my heart of hearts I feel we are the best parents. So today I become a parent again in a totally different realm from loss... My children (embryo) are being thawed. Yes that sounds funny but they are. Today I become a cheerleader for them to make it. For them to divide in cells and to become blastosits for us. Each morning they call to tell us how our babies are doing... like a preschool or daycare would report your child's progress. I hope for good results. I pray for good grades.... yes they grade them A to D. We are hoping for little spirits to join our clan. Today I become the parent of more than 1. what an awesome responsibility. I already love them, have dreams for them and pride. Wednesday is our day we will be reunited and it feels like a good one to me.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Hello my beautiful we are proud of you for helping us and we are loving you deep in our hearts. mommy.


Lisette said...

I get that we are totally different kind of parents. Unless you have been on this journey you won't understand it. May you be blessed with your rainbow(s) soon.

Kerry Ann said...

Oh wow! We will all be saying our prayers. And this around you have an extra special angel watching over you.
And yes, we are a different kind of parent. I always miss what I never got to know about my boy.