Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 2 - Make progress

Yesterday I was nervous and today I'm thankful. For everyone who has said a little prayer thank you. Our Embryo have divided. We initially had 4 at a number "3" that was not too good and we were talking of having to do the transfer tomorrow instead of Wednesday. Today... is a new day. 1 of those little babies made it to a "2" and 4 made it to "3" so we had 2 additional embryo make it overnight that they were not expecting. Relief that we get to go to the full 5 day blast is in my heart. Excitement for what our chances are. Hope beyond my wildest dreams. Love for all...

Joseph can you hear mommy? I love you my son - you are amazing. You are what drives us forward with you in our hearts each day. You light the sky with our hope. My beautiful son.. I love you mommy.

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Salma said...

Iam so happy to hear this news.*HUGS*