Saturday, March 13, 2010


Believe. It is my favorite word. It amazes me and encourages me. It awakens me.... When I believe in something I never let it go. When my husband believes in something everything seems possible. We believe in us and so life is good. No matter the day, the outcome, the seemingly impossible task.. believing and meaning it has encouraged us to keep going. We miss our son... but we believe that we will be together again and that is comforting. It is not fair or right but it is truth. We believe in family and that this FET worked because what else can you do. I find myself saying this word a lot and meaning it. I find myself lost in this word a little when I have to own it that Joseph is gone. I believe in my journey and look forward to what the rest of the road looks like. Be in the moment.. Elevate your heart... Lift yourself up.. Invision your road. Encourage strength... Value your self and Envelope all the love that surrounds you.

Joseph can you hear mommy? The birds are chirping and the sun is shinning. Thanks for the sunshine my little one... my own. I miss you more than I have words but believe in our family... until I hold you in my arms again... love mom.

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Jill said...

Such a touching post! xx