Monday, March 1, 2010


There it is beating.... my heart for him. There it is loving... his heart for me. All the world settled into so to few moments. Each beat of the heart faster and fuller. Joined in arms and smiles of love. Captured grace of heart in holding Joseph Henry. Whispered in the soft beat of his heart trust. A teardrop fell in silence but I smiled. We still cry when we mention his name. It still hurts that he is not here. But, we love that each moment was cherished. He knew complete love from beginning to his end here. Each lub dub... lub nub beat of my heart now for him.

Joseph can you hear mommy? So precious are you. So gifted to lift us up for one so small. My beautiful son.. I love you until forever, mommy.

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Jill said...

I will always remember when someone told me that they deserve tears so it is okay to cry. Joseph is so loved and missed. xx