Monday, March 15, 2010

5 Months

Tick... Blink... Tick... Blink... and 5 months have gone by. Today would be Josephs 5 month date today. How can time be going by so quickly... and still yet so slow. I am mostly remembering him in each moment. Joseph was here so briefly and I continue to see how much he has changed so many people.. So many people are living more freely. Open to the idea to talk about infant death.. loss and even heaven. It amazes me now how many times I say those things that were not so spoken of before...I am able to talk about him and his passing now with a quiet strength I never knew I had. He is reaching others that never got to know him. Still gaining in his strength along side me. Yesterday as I was meeting with my group from RESOLVE. We were stuffing bags... making signs for our walk of HOPE that is this Saturday.. Josephs story came out again.. and again and one woman told me something.. A mother who's family is not yet complete.. is unstoppable. I couldn't agree more and then in my mind....Joseph is unstoppable... He will continue to effect others lives daily.. He will always be remembered and as each month passes I only know these things to be true... and he is amazing.

Joseph can you hear mommy. Your little giggles and signs are cherished. So much of you felt here with us. Missing you still but loving you more.. my precious son. Until forever.... mommy.


Jill said...

It amazes me how fast time seems to go. Happy five months, Joseph! You are right, he is reaching others and they are getting to know him through you. Joseph will always be remembered in my heart. xx

Lisette said...

Five months passes for fast, on the 26th it will also be five months since my angel left. What that lady said is absolutely right, we are unstoppable. Thinking of you and Joseph.