Monday, February 8, 2010


As any good mother would I'm trying to kiss away the hurts in this picture... I know Josephs were too big or he would still be here. I couldn't fix it. My emotions are so hypersensitive right now that I just can't shake the weepy sensations. Stuck in a vicious cycle. One day I feel joy and peace and then it starts all over again... shattered...heart wrenching... devastation of missing my baby. I am going through the motions of life in ten feet of thick grief and each step I sink in deeper. I have to claw my way out just to take another step forward... fighting for my mind to have some freedom. I am raw. I am still so sad. I am grieving in the light... and that just takes time. I miss my son.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Oh baby boy... so many things I wish for you but most of all I wish for you to know just how much you are loved. Mommy.

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Elizabeth said...

Grieving is such a painful process. I wish I could make the pain go away. I'm thinking about you. *hugs*