Monday, February 15, 2010

PB and J

Family. I see true happiness, excitement and promise. My pregnancy photos are cherished because Joseph is safe in my belly. Complete. Our hearts exposed here. The longing to be together each time I see these. As yet another holiday passes without our son I dig into the place where he resides... my heart. Only fitting for Valentine's day that I see us together again, whole. Going to those places where he is safe... feeling him kick my ribs again... wishing and hoping for all that I can. Our lives are so different. Our love is stronger. Quiet and soft we whisper without saying a word.. we love you Joseph Henry... we miss you baby. I often stare for long periods of time seeing my sons face in my husbands. We are PB and J after all.. we go together like that still. What would today have been like with him here.. 4 months old? I'm missing my J in my incomplete role as mom.

Joseph can you hear mommy? You are the J in us always. Missing but Loved so completely. How proud I am of you.. Oh, Joseph Jean.. how much I love you. Mommy.

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margaret said...

Your maternity photo is beautiful and so is Joseph. I'm so sorry he isn't here to celebrate your Valentines Day, your words speak volumes of your love for him. Sending you hugs