Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little Things

It is the little things that I really wish I had Joseph here with me physically. I wish I could change his diaper. I wish I could clip his little nails. I wish I could change his clothes and give him a bath. I wish I could hold him. I wish I could feed him and put him to bed. I wish that when I turned on the light in the nursery just one time... it would not be empty.

At least I know that he is in heaven and there ARE things I can do. I can sing to him. I can talk to him. I can laugh with him. I can see him in my dreams. I can honor him in the way I am living my life. I can hope for him to have a brother or sister to look after. I can feel him everywhere.

It is just the little things... the physical things I wish for.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Hello beautiful. Listen for my song.... Hear when I talk to you my love... Laugh with me and allow for spirit to take you to my dreams. I hope you like the way we are choosing to honor you... to help others in need. I feel you my son. I love you - Mom.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh the longing...we who have lost long for the responsibility a baby brings. *hugs*