Thursday, February 18, 2010


Framily is what you get when you have friends that are so close they should have been family. I have a lot of friends that fit into that role. There are a lot of women who have joined my framily over Josephs death. I sometimes wish I could take my whole framily with me to work each day so that it is not so hard to be away from my son. Its not that he's not everywhere, he is further away from me when I work because well... I have to work and my mind goes elsewhere. There should be framily waiting for you in the cemetery any time you want to go. It is just so strange sometiems to talk to a marker on a wall out loud. I was thinking about my extended framily and I noticed that really they are with me all of these times. It is just so good to have a group of people who care so much that they hold me up. I am exhausting so I know how hard this must be. So too my framily members who do so much I thank you. I love you.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Good morning baby. I miss you my son. My one and only child. I am kissing your sweet lips from here. Your framily is holding me up high. I love you baby ... mommy.

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