Tuesday, February 9, 2010


When the grieving cycle comes to the bottom.... I have to remember to focus. Keep my eyes to the top so that I don't get sucked under. Tomorrow I go back to the Dr. the fertility one. The one where our hopes are. If the energy is not positive I know what the answer will be. So I'm sending myself all the positive energy I have. I am holding my rock of hope. Yes I actually have one thanks to a wonderful friend of mine. If all goes well I will start my frozen cycle shots tomorrow night. They really are not that bad. I don't complain because all I need is this other chance to get pregnant again. It does not bother me.. really.. because I just can see the family waiting for me. Everything will be alright.

Joseph can you hear mommy? I love you my sweet son. I'm singing to you today as loud as I can. Oh, Joseph Jean... how much I love you... Until forever my boy... until always my little one... mommy.

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Salma said...

Brandy I would like to send a personal email, can I get your contact?

Or can you email me @

Thanks and hugs today.