Wednesday, February 10, 2010

cookie cutters

So I wonder if it is a sign that Michelle Duggar was in my dream last night? She had two cookie cutters for eyes... One was a circle and one was a triangle. Hummm makes you wonder. Well it makes me wonder if Joseph is talking to a new baby soul in heaven to see if we can be blessed with another wee one. The other part of my brain thinks it was Michelle telling me twins. Then, right at the brink of wakefulness... three black haired boys where climbing out of a crib all wearing blue footy pajamas. I have never wanted to go back to sleep so badly as I did today. I wish I could have just kept dreaming and dreaming about this. Our Dr. apt is in just a few hours. I am excited. I am hopeful and I am nervous. I am also so glad that my little guy is there holding my hand in dreamland. He is making it easier to be open, full of life. Accepting.

Joseph can you hear mommy? If feels good to mommy when you are playing. I love that you are strong. My beautiful son. Mom.

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Once A Mother said...

sending you prayers that your wishes come true.