Sunday, February 28, 2010


Birthday has a whole different meaning to me now. Much like everything else in my life. But, today was the day that I came into this world kicking and screaming. My mom tells the story that when I was born I came out with my hands clasped together.. like I was praying.. I don't have a picture of it because they didn't let you back then.. But I like the story none the less and it makes me happy there are good birth stories. She said that I was praying to go back in the belly because I was headed home to 5 brothers and sisters..... Smile. On another big birthday husband is amazing. I'm so thankful for him and all that he does. I received so many great gifts from him. Not all tangible objects either. Patients is the best gift he has every taught me. He is compassionate and caring and puts up with all the hormones (that are really bad right now). I've been wanting a digital photo frame to take to work with me... You guessed it. I got it this morning. It was wrapped up so nice and waiting for me when I got out of bed. Super way to start this day.

Joseph can you hear mommy? You are the best gift I have ever received. Last year I was just getting to know you in my belly. Only a handful of people knew you just yet. We had not told anyone you were coming. You and I had a secrete. I love you baby boy. I miss you so much my son. Mommy.


Salma said...

Happy Happy birthday, I am very happy to know you. I wish it were under different circumstances.

Hope you have a good day, and I know that Joseph is with you celebrating.

lis said...

happy birthday :o)
enjoy it

Once A Mother said...

Sending you lots of birthday love today and praying the day was kind to you. xx