Saturday, February 6, 2010


100 posts already. I must have a lot to say... that number for some reason makes me feel proud. I am actually doing something I have always wanted to do. I am writing. I am really telling my life story and letting all the guards down. There are no secrets here. There is no hiding. mind.. and my keyboard. My heart guides me like a carrot dangling on a string.. forward. My mind grounds me back to memories... hurts... loves... life. My soul searching is finding answers here. Exposure to the raw core of every nerve in my body helping it to heal. Power is what I feel when I am here... Comforted is what I've found. Knowing with other BLM's out there when reality strikes again. Patience in my journey because now I am free to develop each thought and let it resonate on the page before deciding if I like it. Hope filled creations in my words. Wanting for nothing and being with myself very honest. Letting go. Acceptance. Gratitude. JOY. All can be found with this purging of thought.... As my story unfolds.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Precious sweet one... I see you running in heaven. I'm with you. Holding you in the light and in the beat of my heart. Mommy.

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