Monday, January 11, 2010

With an Angel

I am returning to work today. It will be a challenge I am sure. I am nervous but at the same time not. There is one thing I know now... Nothing will ever be harder than saying goodbye to Joseph. So everything else is just easy. I am going to work with an angel in my heart.. on my shoulder.. in my mind and with me always. Josephs gifts just keep on coming.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Oh, Joseph Jean... how much I love you.... I will sing your song today listen for me. I love you until forever.... mommy.


Elizabeth said...

Good luck at work. I'm sure you will do just fine. *hugs*

* said...

Good luck today. I[m sure Joseph is there with you.


Franchesca Cox said...

You said it perfectly, nothing comes close to being as hard as it was as saying goodbye. That perspective will help you get through these next few days, weeks, and months.