Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tiny Fingers

His fingers are so tiny, so marvelously perfect. They still will reach out to touch the smiling faces of everyone around him... These little hands will explore, discover, and bring the world to him in heaven for his inspection and delight. With these hands in heaven I imagine he will throw balls, capture bugs, and build castles in the sand. He will use them to open books and unlock the doors to knowledge. These are Josephs hands... they are sculpting my heart and making music. he is cuddling us from up above. his hands are so tiny now and yet within them lives the future and the fulfillment of all his precious dreams. They are different than I thought they would be, but from up above he can be whatever he chooses. So I hold him gently with my ring... I watch with pride when he reaches out to love and joy to all in our life.
Joseph can you hear mommy? You are so strong already. We are all listening. We call all feel your touches on things. I love you and miss you ... mommy.

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