Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tight Rope

I walk a very fine line. One that is so unbalanced that the lightest feather would knock me off of it. Tears flow effortlessly. I hold on to everything now. I am working through the grief and I try to use the joy that Joseph brought each day to put the next foot in front of the other... It is too easy to give up or in...when the thought of his departure so soon in life creeps in. Focus is required to looking ahead. My arms are reaching out as I hold my pole of life to walk the line. I will never fall off.. I will never give in... Joseph will not let me give up. The glimpses of joy remembered. Next step the joy to be found.
Joseph can you hear mommy? my precious son... I love you and can feel your joy in heaven. I love to see you smiling there. mommy

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