Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Male Bonding

I'm pretty sure there is nothing more beautiful than this picture. Both my boys so close. The warm pressure of the lips of my husband kissing the tiny precious treasure that is our son.
Strengths beyond measure bonding two souls. Tenderness and warming combining hearts for eternity. I can actually see them intertwined here. The art of making a man into a father and the love that man has for his child immense... pure. Captured.. a male bond never to be broken.
Joseph can you hear mommy? Daddy's arms are holding you high above and every time we hug... we feel you. Love that has no boundary. Mommy.


stacy said...

The love of a father...when I see this picture, it makes me think of how much God loved Jesus, then sent him to earth to be born, raised into a man and then be brutally murdered - for me. I thank God for glimpses into His love for us, like the photo of your guys. Thanks for sharing and thanks for reminding me that I love a God who loves me more that I can ever imagine. He gave His Son so that we might live!

Elizabeth said...

Oh how wonderful...that is a beautiful photo.