Saturday, January 9, 2010

Last day for Aqua

Today is my last day of teaching Aqua.... I have mixed emotions about leaving this class. On one hand I have 30 "old ladies" that have been like mothers and grandmothers to me. They have encouraged me over the years and guided me... cried with me and just lived with me. On the other hand I had to memorize new routines... get new music and spend the better part of each Saturday at the gym. Because I teach different classes I have become so overwhelmed with it all. So, with a deep sigh, I decided this was the class I needed to let go of. Gives new meaning to somethings gotta give. I feel like this chapter of my life is coming to a close. My focus clearly not with teaching... aerobics. I have a hard time remembering what day it is let alone choreography to so many songs. It was so good to go back during my time off work, but now that I'm returning to work full time... I need time to myself... time with my husband that doesn't have a schedule. I am different now... I used to be so structured... so diligent.. so focused on time and getting things done. Now, I'm looking forward to sleeping in on a Saturday or going out on a Friday night and staying up past my bed time. So my bittersweet goodbye to the lovely ladies of aqua will be today. I'm going to miss them but, as I turn my head forward and walk directly into the future I know it will be all of them....behind me....cheering me on.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Remember all those grandma's at the pool... I'm going to see them today for the last time... teaching anyway... I'll tell them about you again today so that they remember you always. I miss you so much my sweet little boy. A thousand kisses to you.. love mom.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you had a good experience teaching that class but it's good to let go of something that stresses you too much. *hugs*