Sunday, January 3, 2010

Heavens Heart

It seems that there are too many baby angels... Why does this happen? How was I so naive that this could even happen? I read other blogs of mothers who have children that have died and it just gets me so emotional. The pain... I can read in the words that they wright and it is exactly like my own. It is just profound. There is a community of us, survivors of infant death. We are in our own club. One that you never wanted to belong to. One that shouldn't have so many members. To survive after your child has died takes the shield off of the world. Your Rosy colored glasses removed you can really see and maybe for the first time in your life sorrow. To survive... I choose to do good things to honor my son. To make sure that the memory of him branches off and touches the lives of so many. Joseph Henry had to go to heaven... so that it's heart grew by one. One too big for this life here.

Joseph can you hear mommy? I Love you so much. The lessons you are teaching are reaching me. I miss you but.... knowing how much good you are doing I am at rest. Peace in my heart. It beats for you. Love, Mom.


Elizabeth said...

There are WAY too many of us without our children. We can find peace in knowing that God loves our children more than we do. Even though its hard to believe anyone can love our children more than we do. My friend's mother just joined our crappy club as she said goodbye to her baby just before her baby's 25th birthday. God Bless you Brandy as you continue this journey. *hugs*

Franchesca Cox said...

Well said, Brandy. I cannot believe that I have "met" well over a hundred of us BLM since May, and it is heartbreaking. Heaven's heart only seems to be growing and gaining our precious angels.