Friday, January 8, 2010

Furry Babies

PJ and Emma.... My furry babies. These two dogs are the most incredible... loving.. soul touching precious animals. They know exactly how to nudge the sorrow out. Tiny licks to let you know they are with you. Confidently standing beside me to show how much they care. Sleeping next to me as I write on my blog each day... never leaving my side. PJ is tough but mooshy. Emma is a princess but the most knowing. If I am sad they get a little closer... If I am crying they lick away my tears. If I am happy they wag nubs and tails to let me know they are happy too. This is the longest I have ever been home in my life. I've had 3 months of these furry babies at my side each day. Each one in their own way healing me. Both often go into the nursery.... just to lay on the carpet. They both know Joseph, how he is a part of me... They try to take his toys and play little pranks on him and me. I love seeing them in there as it makes the nursery not so empty. I Thank goodness for these dogs. They fill up the house so it is not so still and quiet. They fill up my day with funny antics and long walks. They fill up my heart. This is my last work day home.. I'll be returning to my job on Monday. I'm going to miss my time at home. No schedules.. no meetings... just healing time for myself. I'm going to miss my dogs as I return as they give new meaning to woman's best friend. Pure devotion.
Joseph can you hear mommy? Emma and PJ love you so much. I know you can hear them too. Every time they bark. I miss you my son and I love you. Mom.


Elizabeth said...

CUTE puppies! *hugs*

Once A Mother said...

i just recently learned of the unconditional love and healing that dogs can bring a broken heart, having just gotten my first ever pup. yours are adorable, and I am so happy that they are there for you now.