Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This is my favorite picture. When I look at this picture I see the perfect blend of our love. He has my cheeks and my lips. My husbands chin and his brow. The eyelashes are long so those are from my husband too. His nose.... his own. So cute so perfect. When I see this I can see so much more than the physical. This is the picture I had of my son before they flew him to Phoenix Children's Hospital. My mental picture. The one that kept me going. At this moment I did not know how much trouble Joseph was in. That he would die so soon after this was taken. To me this is the picture that was taken to welcome him... not the ones we took because we had to say goodbye....So I keep this picture, the tangible one and the mental one in my mind as my hope baby. When I feel that I need to be close to him... this is the picture. When I miss him... this is the picture. This is my son. This is our hope. This is my heart beating outside of my body... This is love.

Joseph can you hear mommy? I love you. When I see you in heaven... this is the picture I have of you...only your eyes are open. I bet they are blue. I miss you my son. Love mommy.


* said...

I often wonder about my little guy's eyes too, and like you I keep 2 pictures in my mind. He is a gorgeous baby.

Elizabeth said...

That is a beautiful picture and I bet up in heaven he has big bright eyes full of wonder. God Bless. *hugs*