Saturday, January 23, 2010

Deep in the heart

Deep in the heart..... of life, is good. I carry Joseph with me everywhere I go. He is deeply embedded into my heart. I feel him with every beat and know that we are together always. I miss my son. The steps taken so far in moving forward are inching him in deeper. I still have the daily.. I wish(s)... I have pity filled moments of the why me(s) but, in the underbelly of all of that I turn into my heart and know life is good. Joseph Henry is my first born son.... and nothing can change that. With the difficulties of moving forward I Face new challenges that are never expected. Having my son in my heart allows for those new challenges to fade so fast. I can not dwell... they just are. I am quiet with him here. My pace slowed for knowing and my mind restful in motherhood. Deep in the heart of life.. is good.
Joseph can you hear mommy? I love you. I miss you. My heart is open for your laughter. I'm kissing your baby cheeks and eyes and nose... and lips. Missing you beautiful baby of mine.. missing you. Love mommy.

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A Room of One's own said...

I am with you Brandy *missing little Joseph with you*