Monday, January 18, 2010


This is a picture I took from my driveway. Gives new meaning in the song... his purple mountains Majesty. Maybe it is the desert air that makes you slow.. Maybe it is the breathtaking beauty that asks you to pause. Take time for yourself.... be gentle with your heart. Each new day brings hope. How could it not when they start by filling your senses with such utter beauty. I am strong and I possess those gifts needed to go on. I am able to choose with my mind at ease to be happy.... to smile. Ah, this is the dawn and I believe. I believe in us. I believe in hope. I believe in love. How could I not.

Joseph can you hear mommy? In the wake just before the rise of the sun you are there. You are beautiful. All my love and every beat of my heart is for you... love mommy.


Franchesca Cox said...

How beautiful! Thank you for sharing your words and this picture. So uplifting.


Once A Mother said...

beautiful photo. beautiful post. beautiful boy.