Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The constant companion

If you press forward the pain will ease. If you push on the grief has a hard time keeping up. So you keep going and going and going. Forward... I take Joseph with me everywhere I am. He is in my shower.. he is in my car... he is in my conference call at work. He likes to come with me to walk the dogs. He makes dinner and goes to the gym with me. He is in each action and every thought. I have a constant companion. He helps me move forward... the helps me hold back. He shows me the longest patients I have ever held. Joseph knows joy.. sorrow... hope.. love...sick.. tired... happy... and most of all... me. Spirit worlds door is ajar.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Hello my beautiful. We have lots to do as always today. I'll see you when I blink. . I will feel you when I breathe. you are talented. I love you to heaven and back. Always...your mommy.

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Once A Mother said...

how wonderful to feel his spirit with you. there are times where i talk out loud to peyton because i feel her so near me. I love the line "I'll see you when I blink" so beautiful