Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Introducing.... one of my best friends, son... Liam Maxwell Carroll! Happy Birthday baby. I feel like I should be playing the song "we are the champion's". So emotional about this little boys arrival. I was silently cheering for him to arrive safely. I was asking Joseph to watch over my friend and her son... and now that he is here I can just let the release out. I was holding my breath. It was as if I need this to happen so that I could see again that Yes... in fact babies can be born. Women can give birth and that child can live. Simply a miracle. One that I really needed to witness. I feel so happy about this. Wow.. it can really happen. I will be Liam's champion for life. I will watch him grown with awe. I will help if needed and love him beyond measure. Relief that he and his mom are safe. I will spoil this child rotten for sure.

Joseph - can you hear mommy? I bet Liam would have been your best friend. Thank you for watching over him yesterday. You are so wonderful. I love you so much. I miss you so much... I wish for you to be here.. Love, mom.

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