Friday, January 15, 2010

Already 3 Months

I sit here silently... thoughts of my son swirling around in my head. Joseph is 3 months old in heaven today. The fastest months of my life have winged by in a blink. Somehow pieces of my heart still beat in October. Time moves so quickly and yet it hasn't moved at all. I still feel him cradled in my arms nestling in toward my chest. Today I feel the enormous weight... of missing my son. How big have his cheeks gown? Did some of that black hair fall out? So I imagine instead.
Joseph can you hear mommy? Ah... my beautiful son, full of grace. I am happy you are in such a beautiful place. with God at your side and friends to race. Play baby play until I meet you again one day. Giggle and coo, let it be what may. I'm glad you can hear everything I've got to say. All my love goes to you... mommy. Big kisses and hugs on this beautiful day.

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Elizabeth said...

My thoughts are with you. God bless sweety. *hugs*