Friday, January 1, 2010


This morning as I stepped outside in the pre-dawn hours I felt rest. The beast of grief inside me quiet and the blue moon shining over my head. I felt so good as I stood on the street so still and silent. I sent a smile to the moon. Joseph heard me as the moon blinked briefly showing me two moons both blue one slightly below and to the left of the real one. I got a wink from heaven. Not a cloud in sight. I am warm. I drank in a deep gulp of air filling my lungs with hopes for the new year... I hope that my spiritual journey with baby Joe grows infinitely. I hope that we can feel and exchange love at any time. That my son can learn to communicate more and more as he grwos streangth in heaven to reach everyone that he has already touched so deeply. That our message from him regarding love passes onto countless others. That my husband finds peace in his heart and that his worry is less and his joy is more. I hope our future grows an even stronger bond as we evolve into us... wiser... more tender and completely loved. I hope this year my body can heal physically that it may again host life inside my womb. That another baby thrive and arrive safely into our family. That we have hope each day to keep going in total and unbridled passion for our lives... for the lives of countless others who are in need. That love can bridge hearts together forming an explosion of joy for what we can do for one another. In 2010 let me use my gifts and the gifts given by Joseph Henry and my husband to open hearts.

Joseph, can you hear mommy? Welcome my son to a new year... I love you until forever... mommy.

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