Friday, December 11, 2009


I wish we could afford to go to Bahamas for Christmas this year, but reality of not working and bills from the hospital have put us more on the path to Tucson instead. Not that there is anything wrong with Tucson but it is not Bahamas by any stretch. I finished decorating the tree yesterday. Paul has decided to boycott altogether so I was left to my own arrangement. I don't blame him it really did not feel like Christmas when putting up the ornaments. One thing I have enjoyed this year is getting letters in the mail to Joseph. Something about seeing his name on the envelope makes me so happy. I'm putting all the cards in Josephs stocking to be opened on Christmas day. We are going to bring the stockings with us and just enjoy reading each one. I am excited this will be a new tradition. I imagine that Paul and I will do this each year even if we are lucky enough to have more kids down the road I'm sure we will still stay in bed and read the cards in Josephs stocking before getting up. That feels good. So along with going to a fancy hotel... we will go to the Nutcracker. I'm not much of a ballet person but it will be good to see a show and enjoy getting out of the house. I am also looking forward to a fancy dinner with a nice glass or two of really good wine. We've got the makings of a good trip and I'm feeling good about it. Christmas in Tucson.

Joseph can you hear mommy? your stocking is filling up with a lot of Christmas wishes to you. I love you baby boy and miss you very much. I am holding you tight each time I place a card in your stocking and sending you kisses to heaven. Mom.

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