Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sugar Plums

It is Christmas eve. Josephs first Christmas in heaven will be tomorrow. We are excited about the tradition we are starting for him. He is so much a part of us that we bought a stocking and hung it in between mine and my husbands. It is red with a teddy bear head on the top. We bought a pin in the letter J to mark that stocking his own. Earlier this month I asked that close friends and family send Joseph Christmas cards. Not in sympathy cards... real Christmas cards for him telling him how much he is loved. The stocking is overflowing with such cards for him. It makes it feel like Christmas is coming when I can see the stocking all puffy with loot. We are leaving to go out of town in a few hours. Time to get out of dodge and see a good show, eat a good meal and stay in a nice hotel. It will be the first time I did not wake up in our house for Christmas in 11 years. That feels liberating. No gifts under the tree this time also a relief. We will take our stockings with us to be opened tomorrow morning. I actually have that excited Christmas feeling to see what people have written to our son. We have something to look forward to and will do this every year.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Hi my little sugar plum.. your dad and I love you so much... We send you big love. In our hearts and always on our minds... mommy.

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