Sunday, December 6, 2009


Yesterday was a good day. Paul and I went to an art/wine festival in Tempe. The weather was nice and the day clear. We took the light rail downtown so we wouldn't have to drive.. We had no agenda so it was fun to just walk hand in hand looking at each of the artists. We found a booth that was making personalized ornaments for Christmas. We bought 2 of them. One for us to put on the tree and one for Joseph to put at his big boy place. They are very sweet both personalized with the year and in honor of him. It was good to do. Paul picked out the one we are putting at the memorial and I picked the one for our tree. Josephs is a heart ornament with a Santa hat hanging off of one side of it. It says Merry Christmas Joseph and on the hat it has 2009. We are going to put the ornament out today. The Mariposa gardens is having a candle lighting ceremony at 2:00. Paul and I are going and so is my mom and sister Jill. It will be nice to go there when there and decorate for the holiday. As we continued to stroll the art fest we came upon another booth selling handmade jewelry. I found a ring... It is for the first finger and it is large. There are two sides to this ring. One is a curved sterling silver bar and the other is an oval shaped mother of pearl. It is beautiful and large enough to have engraved. I love it. So.. the day was so good. We found things that were wonderful tokens of love and a new way to celebrate Christmas.

Joseph can you hear mommy? We got you a present yesterday and we will bring it today. I know you will like it because it is a big heart... filled with all of the love your dad and I have for you. We miss you baby Joe. mom

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