Monday, December 7, 2009

Of Course

I think my baby Joe was trying to tell me something yesterday... There are a lot of things I believe in. Messages sent to us from spirit world is one those things. Christmas Service was held at Josephs Big boy place. We all went. They had a candle lighting and an opportunity for us to put a message to our loved who had passed inside a glass ornament and then place it on the tree. Check. The harpist was playing a "my heart will go on". Of course a song from Josephs service... Check All of the stage has been set for spirit world, rituals completed service began. We prayed and the Scripture reading began... I wasn't paying attention to anything really, just listening and looking around. Every person in the chapel was there because a loved one had passed and that loved one was buried in the Mariposa Garden ... that is powerful stuff. So I begin looking a little closer at the people around us. Some old, some young. Then I notice another thing... Every Single Child in this chapel today is a boy. Of Course they are. I'm not exaggerating, every single one. Then a family enters the building a little late. They sit in front of me... All boys with this family. Of course they are all boys... The mom takes her infant son and puts him up on her shoulder... Hello blue eyes. There is a cooing baby boy staring right at me smiling. He is smiling at me and my mom and my sister. Of course I cry. There is no way in the world that this family would know the pain of seeing one so young and then to literally put him inches from my reach facing me... Of course it happened anyway and my mind is drifting further toward Joseph. This is how old he would have been almost 2 months old and this is how his cheeks would have looked all filled out and sweet. My Ears perk up a little more as I am listening to the scripture reading now and then WHAM... The Chaplain speaking today in our sons Big Boy place... Chaplain Bill McReynolds...... the man who gave Joseph his blessing in the hospital before he died. I had not noticed when he first began speaking...Of course it was him.. who else could be doing this service on this day with all of the thousands of places he could be. He was in Mesa many many miles from Phoenix Children's where he first touched my heart. His words to be happy and joyful at Christmas are sinking in.... he is talking about how Joseph in the bible.... OK I'm listening my baby Joe.. I hear you loud and clear.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Merry Christmas to you to, my son and Thank you for my beautiful gift from heaven yesterday. You gave me something that I really wanted this year.. peace in my heart that you are really there. I promise to try not to be so sad now that I can feel you so deeply. I love you bigger than heaven... mom.

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