Saturday, December 19, 2009


Joseph had a full head of curly black hair. When I was about 7 months pregnant I started dreaming about the baby in my belly. In this dream I had I delivered a boy and he had a full head of black hair and a mullet. Yup a mullet. That cracks me up. I in my whole life would never ever allow for such a hair do but... he was born with one in my dream and that makes me laugh. In that same dream I was caring him around on my hip while he was only wearing a diaper. Go figure. When I told my friends at work that dream we cracked up for hours about my red neck baby. This became a huge joke. Then every time Joseph got the hicups in my belly we would crack up all over again. You know the old wives tail that if the baby gets the hicups he will have a full head of hair. He would get them alright almost every day and I would say.. He is growing his mullet again... So funny.... My husbands mom told me that he was born with a full head of hair too and that he had black fuzz all over his shoulders and back. I wonder if in my dreaming mind I knew that and was manifesting a mullet. Paul's dad had a full head of curly black hair too. I often wonder what Josephs' grandad would want to be called. I guess only he and Joseph know that now. I dreamed of the two of them last night. It was very brief right before I woke up. Paul's dad was in an old fashioned rocking chair in a pair of overalls while cradling Joseph in his left arm. The two of them with all the black hair..... They were rocking together and I could hear the Lul and creek of the rocker hitting the wood floor. How peaceful.

Joseph can you hear mommy? I'm glad you and your grampa are together... Give him a kiss for me. I love you until forever, mommy.

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Once A Mother said...

Such beautiful memories of your time with Joseph growing inside you. I think it is sweet that he finds ways to come to your dreams. Such an amazing little boy.