Sunday, December 27, 2009

I am right here

When baby Joseph Henry was inside my belly he was so active. For the longest time he was facing out toward the world. It was almost like he could see out my belly button. Ready for action. When I glided my hands across my belly I could feel the whole outline of him. I could make out his nose... his chin.. his little butt and could even feel the difference between a knee and a heal. This picture of him reminds me of just how close he was to the surface. His nose is being pushed in by the ultrasound tech. She started to laugh at this as he was mad that she squished his nose. He looks like he is yelling "hey you get OFF my nose already Gheeze.... I'm right here at the surface don't press so hard." Happy memories of my boy. I am trying to remember all of him now. As each day passes I need to go back and reach into the brain bank of all the fun things. This is one of those fun things. My beautiful baby.
Joseph can you hear mommy? I got your nose.. just kidding. I'll put it back. You are so cute and thank you for all the joy you brought to me. I love you my sweet baby boy. mom.

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Kerry Ann said...

Brandy, I love this picture. It makes me smile. I'm so glad you have such a fun picture of Joe.

This evening Mary K's daughter is over for a sleepover with Katelyn. We watched old home videos, they get a kick out of seeing all of us as little kids. You were in a lot of the videos from Eglea Woods. I was basically a toddler just following you and my sisters around (and Lisa, Jennifer, and many others). It's amazing to watch how young and innocent we were. How carefree life was. It was fun to watch.

It's exactly how I picture our boys playing. Young, innocent, and carefree.