Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hang on

He is in my arms... wrapped in love... holding both our hands. He was letting us know that he was ready to go to heaven. In his final moments of life, Joseph Henry showed us how to hang on. How to hang onto every second you are here... Hang onto one another... Hold tightly the ones you love the most... Hold out your hand and open your heart to everyone around you. He is an amazing kind of love. Tiny fingers with the immense strength to hold up both our hearts even when his could not longer beat.
Joseph can you hear mommy? I am holding you closely but openly and I will never let go of the hope you brought. I am hanging onto love and you are amazing. I love you deeply... mommy.

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Once A Mother said...

he hears you. what a beautiful lesson your sweet joseph taught you. sending you prayers for peace in your heart, and remembering him with you.