Monday, December 28, 2009

Gentle Healing

I got to play with a 5 month old baby girl yesterday. She was one of the happiest babies I have seen. She has 2 dimples and smiled and giggled the whole time. The pleasure I felt was so real. Somehow babies have a way of healing a heart. It is gentle the way they weave right in and can make you smile. Tiny little kisses on her cheek... a tickle of the feet. She nestled right into my to my heart. I feel like I'm healing. There are lessons I am learning every day on how to manage this grief. How to protect my heart in moments of pain. How to open my heart in moments I need to share. How to just let my heart be... sometimes. I like the gentle healing the best. It warms me from the inside out.

Joseph can you hear mommy? I imagined you playing yesterday with Priya. I bet that was you making her giggle so much. My happy baby boy.. I am glad. I love you until forever, your mommy.

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