Thursday, December 31, 2009


Joseph Henry Jean: A Good Deed... In Memory of our Beautiful Son. Joseph's life has turned out to be much much bigger than I thought. In 37 amazing hours he touched so many hearts. Because of this I have been grieving in the light instead of in the dark. To know how much he was loved would be too hard to describe. It is a feeling of joy and pride for him that shines even when the darkness of grief tries to sneak in. I had these cards made for Paul for Christmas this year. We are doing good in his name whenever we can. It helps spread Josephs message of love and hope to those that may not have as much as they need. So, when I pass a stranger I'm going to say hello. That is Joseph. When I see an older lady sitting alone, I may go to join her in conversation... That is Joseph. When I feel the need I may just buy someone a hot cup of coffee... That is Joseph. Each gift I give I will also pass out one of these cards to those that he might touch. To let them know why we are doing this deed. It is to honor what Joseph brought to us. His life was all love. His life was all hope and everyone should have a chance, even for a moment to be loved and to have this hope and life to hold on and to be comforted. I don't expect everyone to get it...and maybe they won't when they first receive this message from our son, but they will. One day I bet I get one of these cards back. Someone who was open to this love will pass along this deed of love and hope and Joseph can continue to live on in others.

Joseph can you hear mommy? What a blessing you are. I am kissing you and hugging you and sending all of my love to heaven. I love you, mommy.

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