Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas has been wonderful. We opened cards and gifts that our framily sent to us and to our son in heaven. Joseph made out this year. He got more love and his angel wings grew bigger. His Mamalene gave him a new ornament His G-mom big blessings for the gifts he has opened up inside all of us that are beyond measure. His deda, a totem of items to help guide his spirit world. His dad an I am so proud of you card and his mom a card of peace and hope. We got wishes of big love and hugs from almost everyone. A tiny token of PB&J tossed in. His auntie and uncle made a Christmas Angel and gave him his first matchbox car. Some of the sorrow has lifted... some of the churning has eased. Our son gave the best gift of all this year.. himself. Joseph Henry Jean gave us a closeness never before reached and a simple sweetness of knowing that we believe.... in him... and in us.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Merry Christmas baby.. I heard you today as daddy read the card I gave to you... you are smart and funny already. A million kisses to you. mommy.

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